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Moose Hunting

Area 14: Moose hunting at its best in the heart of Newfoundland’s big game heaven. 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 guided hunts available.

Bow Hunting:

Bow hunting season starts in late August and ends in mid December. Bow hunters have the advantage of of two weeks to explore and hunt (the last week in August and the first week of September) before the rifle session begins. Please call for package availability and specials.

Moose Hunting

Our rifle hunting season opens 2nd week in September and ends the 2nd week in December. The highlight of the season is the "pre-rut" and the "rut" when bulls can be called to within an easy rifle or bow range for the ultimate hunting experience.

Newfoundland is home to approximately 120,000 moose weighing up to 1200 lbs. Their size, however, does not slow them down. Moose can easily maneuver along marshes and through dense woods with incredible speed and grace. A thrill to watch and a thrill to claim as your trophy –
feel the rush!

A beautiful 16 point bull Moose

trophy Moose

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Big Bulls

Moose droppings

Good Sign

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